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Hundreds of Apps in each App Store

School in Mobile (SiM) is a simple,fast and fun way to have engaging learning material on the go.We have hundreds of learning apps on several subjects to help with certification and other knowledge areas.

iphone apps

Available on App devices like ipad, iphone and ipods

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windows apps

We have hundreds of app on Windows store too.

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android apps

Hundreds of Android apps including Amazon

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Short compreshensive summary of the subjects in small chapters.


Practice for your certification exam by taking quizzes.


Select chapters have videos to enrich the learning experience.

Introduction to School in Mobile

“School in Mobile” believes that in the power of education lies the secret of to a better world. Our educational products, help educators take the rightful step towards educational technology revolution.
Out hundres of Apps help define the future way of education. At the same time we are helping the environment by reducing paper usage.

Our Mission

Every Student in the world to have access to learning material, the green way. We are striving to take the educational sector to the next leap by using technology. The World is transforming rapidly to the 3 trends: 1. Mobile, 2. Social and 3. Cloud.





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